The effect of alcohol on erections: a few facts about compatibility

Many men who often abuse strong drinks are sure that this does not affect their health, especially their erections. Drinking at the very beginning, alcohol even helps in some cases. It removes embarrassment, makes people more relaxed. The blood flows intensely to the pelvis, which helps to increase sexual desire, plus sexual intercourse lasts longer. Because of such positive aspects, young people begin to think that vodka will only benefit. It becomes addictive, the doses increase, and the potency weakens. Scientists have shown that young men who regularly drink alcohol can become impotent by the age of 35, and if the body does not cope, it will happen even earlier.

Disappointing statistics show that the sooner a man begins to drink heavily, the faster he will say goodbye to sexual life. The harm from the effects of alcohol on male potency is proven. Even if someone challenges this data based on their own experience, don't believe it. Most likely, the person hides their problems. Doctors claim that their patients, who are at the first and second stages of alcoholism, have already experienced erectile dysfunction.


  1. To have sex, a man needs a portion of strong drink. The body gets used to it and requires an increase in the dose. The habit of drinking before sexual intercourse becomes the norm.
  2. As a result of a large amount of alcohol, desire decreases. The representative of the stronger sex loses interest in sex. He blames his reluctance on fatigue, stress, or his partner.
  3. The effect of alcohol on the potency of men affects the rapid ejaculation. Initially, he could drink and prolong the pleasure a little, now he can't control the process.
  4. After a quick ejaculation comes the next problem – a sluggish erection. Initially, it takes more time to arouse, it is not possible to keep the sexual organ in a solid state for a long time, and then complete dysfunction occurs.

After a while, the partner notices problems in bed and expresses her dissatisfaction. Men are very afraid of defeats in sexual life, and reproaches can lead to psychological trauma. Regular consumption of alcoholic beverages leads to a decrease in sensitivity. As a result, it is simply impossible to enjoy the sensations.

How alcohol affects an erection: an inside look

At the initial stage, alcoholic beverages have a positive effect on sexual life. At least, it seems so to the representatives of the stronger sex themselves. In fact, everything happens differently. Why do men think that alcohol turns them into passionate and indefatigable lovers?

Stages of exposure:

  1. Ethyl alcohol, getting into the blood, dilates blood vessels and stimulates the nervous system.
  2. There is also a blood flow in the brain, which leads to mild euphoria.
  3. The same vessels in the genitals are also provided with a good blood flow, leading to rapid sexual arousal.

I would like to remind you that this phenomenon is short-lived. After a short period of time, there is a narrowing of the blood vessels and a loss of arousal. The effect of alcohol on the erection stops.

Beer and its influence on a man's sex life

Fans of sitting for conversations and liters of alcohol do not even suspect the danger of beer for men.

First of all, the stomach suffers. Carbon dioxide corrodes the walls of the organ, which leads to increased acidity. As a result, gastritis and ulcers develop. How does beer affect men yet? It reduces the level of testosterone, and also promotes the degeneration of the parenchyma of the testicles and adrenal glands. With regular drinking of alcoholic beverages, the figure changes, acquires female forms.

The effect of beer on the male body may be different, because the factors of influence are different. You should take into account the quality of the drink, the amount drunk at a time, and the frequency by day. Moderate consumption will never cause harm, but, as a rule, moderation is not characteristic of everyone. The harm of beer to the body of men is increasingly manifested in addiction and alcoholism.

There are also useful points that are worth voicing:

The positive features include a decrease in blood pressure.

  1. Reduces the risk of urolithiasis.
  2. Moderate drinkers are less likely to suffer from diabetes.
  3. Improves mood.
  4. Lowers blood pressure.
  5. Strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
  6. Promotes an increase in appetite and metabolism.

Positive qualities are shown only when using a small amount of the drink. In other cases, the use is negative. An erection after alcohol does not last long. A man who begins to doubt his sexual power, acquires additional complexes. He shies away from women, closes himself off, and, oddly enough, tries to drink even more.

Whether alcohol affects the erection, you can see on the example of cognac. This drink is prepared differently than beer. It contains useful substances other than alcohol.

Libido-boosting drink: cognac

Vodka is not considered so decent to drink in our society. Cognac is a noble drink that is used for appetite or to lift the mood. It is clear that his excessive drinking will lead to negative consequences. It is not for nothing that they say that there should be a measure in everything.

Positive aspects:

  1. Stimulation of the central nervous system. The man's mood rises, tension and apathy go away.
  2. A state of euphoria appears.
  3. Enslavement sets in. The person feels more confident.
  4. Talkativeness. I want to keep up a conversation, to make contact with other people.
  5. Vitamin C is rapidly absorbed.
  6. A rush of blood to the genitals leads to an erection and strong arousal.

Fans of traditional medicine can prepare a special cocktail that increases libido. To do this, you should drive two quail eggs into a glass, stir them well. Add 50 grams of cognac, Coca-Cola, and mineral water. Add two teaspoons of sugar to the mixture and mix everything together. If you drink a drink shortly before intimacy, you can feel good potency and excitability.

Wine: a harmless drink or a time bomb?

If the use of cognac can still be somehow justified in small doses, then doctors do not recommend wine. For men, it is not so useful, because it leads to a decrease in testosterone.

It turns out that the systematic use of wine for appetite leads to the fact that after a few years, a man loses the sensitivity of the penis, reduces attraction and potency.

In favor of wine, I would like to add that the red natural varieties help to improve blood circulation. If you drink a little drink at a romantic dinner, you can feel emancipation, sexual attraction, relaxation.

How else does alcohol harm you?

Drinking alcohol can also reduce a person's inhibitions. It changes the ability to think clearly. People are becoming less choosy about who they have sex with. The study found that after drinking alcohol, one in seven young people aged 16 to 24 engaged in unprotected sex, and one in five had contact that they regretted. One in ten could not remember if they had made love last night. Remember, alcohol and an erection are incompatible.

Mixing sex with alcohol or other drugs increases the likelihood of unwanted pregnancies and exposure to sexually transmitted infections. Many men do not use contraceptives. They hope to be able to control their ejaculation. Interrupted sexual intercourse in a sober state does not give a guarantee, and in a drunken state multiplies the probability of pregnancy in the partner. In addition, unprotected sex leads to a large number of sexually transmitted diseases.

The result of excessive alcohol consumption:

The last stage leads to the fact that a man can feel emotions for a woman, but it is impossible to cope with sexual contact.